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Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium

What do I do if I am a homeowner or tenant residing in the Brussels Capital region and want to make my home more comfortable and healthier while reducing my energy bill?

First of all, I get a personalised advice from independent energy advisor who will help me to identify and prioritise measures with the biggest energy saving potential while targeting ambitious energy saving goals. The region has opened a ‘Energy House’ – an independent energy advice centre which provide households with technical, administrative and financial advice related to ambitious energy retrofitting. Moreover, during a free house visit, advisors can also implement easy-to-do and free of charge measures such as insulate a window or door frame, replace a shower head, put insulation on a boiler.

Second, if my energy retrofit works (insulation, ventilation, heating system) meet ambitious energy objectives set by the region, I am eligible for ‘energy grants’ which can in some cases reach up to 30% of investment costs. Between January and September 2016, the region has already treated nearly 9000 applications and the budget of 22 million EUR is already approved for this purpose for 2017!

Third, I am also eligible for a ‘renovation grant’ which can finance any works related to building renovation such as scaffolding, façade, renovation of electrical system, etc.. Depending on my revenues, I can receive smaller grant (if my revenues are high) or bigger grant (if my revenues are small). Combined with the ‘energy grant’, I can finance up to 50% of my investment via grants!

Finally, let’s imagine I do not have enough money on my bank account to be able to pay all the invoices at once. Well, I am lucky because I can apply for the Brussels Green Loan! I can get a loan of between 500 EUR and 25,000 EUR. I have a choice between a short-term ‘consumer credit’ with an interest rate between 0 or1% which I have to reimburse until up to 10 years or a long-term ‘mortgage’ with interest rate between 0 to2% that needs to be reimbursed within max. 30 years. Interest rates will again depend on my revenues but are in every case very advantageous comparing to standard market conditions.

La dolce vita for Brussels citizens!

Everything was made possible thanks to strong political will of the Brussels Capital Region and innovative and trustful partnerships established between the Brussels Environment - the environment and energy administration of the Brussels-Capital Region, Energy Houses, the financial cooperative CREDAL and the regional housing association - Le Fonds du Logement (The Housing Fund).

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Brussels Capital Region at a glance The Brussels Capital Region (Belgium) is an urban area consisting of 19 municipalities and 1,138,854 inhabitants. By signing the Covenant of Mayors, the Brussels-Capital Region has committed itself to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020. The Region strives to be among the leading European and world metropolis with regard to sustainable urban management. To meet this challenge, the Brussels-Capital Region decided to launch several economic incentives such as subsidies (Energy grants, Green Certificates for RES, Brussels Green Loan,) and some innovative initiatives such as “Exemplary Buildings Action”.
The Energy grants scheme is financed by a gradual levy related to the consumption of the clients of gas and electricity providers. The value increased from €1 million in 2004 to €22 million today. This scheme aims to finance extra-costs of the high energy standard investments while taking into account the social situation of the households.
IBGE or ‘Brussels Environment’ is the administration responsible for environment and energy management in the Brussels-Capital Region and also for upgrading the existing soft loan financing scheme - The Brussels Green Loan - in the framework of the INFINITE SOLUTIONS project.
Who is implementing the soft loan financing scheme in Brussels Capital? Core team
How is the financing scheme implemented? Local Study / Action Plan

Business Model
Who backs the scheme at the political level? City Council Decision on the establishment of the financing scheme
Local communication / marketing tools for the scheme beneficiaries The Brussels Green Loan website
Training materials (in French and Dutch) Presentations on the Brussels Green Loan
Infinite Solutions Leaflet in French (Belgium) Infinite Solutions Leaflet in French (Belgium)

Villes et régions : Accélérez votre transition énergétique grâce à des programmes de financement innovants !

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Infinite Solutions Leaflet in Dutch (Belgium) Infinite Solutions Leaflet in Dutch (Belgium)

Steden en gewesten: Voer het tempo van uw energietransitie op dankzij innovatieve financieringsplannen!

Download: PDF - 3.4 Mb

More information about the Brussels Capital, IBGE, their partners and activities:
Brussels Environment - IBGE (Fr – Nl)
The Brussels Green Loan (Fr-Nl)
The Energy House (Fr- Nl)

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